Shakopee's City Council last week approved a $1.4 million subsidy aimed at bringing hundreds of jobs to town.

The deal would go to Rosemount Inc., a subsidiary of Emerson Process Management, a Fortune 500 firm seeking to locate an engineering and manufacturing plant.

The vote was 4 to 1, with Matt Lehman dissenting.

The company would move into a vacant building and spend $21 million in construction plus $35 million for equipment and other needs. The subsidy would take several forms, including forgiveness of property taxes for nine years — nearly $600,000 worth.

The firm would agree to create at least 400 jobs within seven years, at agreed salary levels. The total package sought from all government jurisdictions including the state adds up to about $6 million.

The Burnsville-Savage school district, whose territory covers the site, approved its part of the deal late Thursday. Legislators also have a role to play.

david peterson