Several squad cars had to use some daring pursuit tactics to stop a drunk driver in south Minneapolis early Saturday, according to the Minnesota State Patrol.

About 12:30 a.m. Saturday, the State Patrol began pursuit of a car on Hiawatha Avenue at Lake Street. The first patrol car that responded soon was assisted by two other squads, as well as by other State Patrol units and Minneapolis police.

One squad car executed two so-called PIT maneuvers on the fleeing vehicle, but when the vehicle continued to try to drive away, the two other squads boxed the vehicle in. There were no injuries reported.

In a PIT maneuver (an acronym with several different meanings, including "pursuit immobilization technique"), a pursuing vehicle forces a fleeing one to abruptly turn sideways, causing the driver to lose control and stop.

The 25-year-old woman from Andover who was behind the wheel of the fleeing vehicle was arrested for drunk driving.