-Met G. B. (Brian) Leighton the other day at Target Field. I love it - a guy who plays guitar who has less hair than me.

-So the Wolves win 15 games, fail to develop any of their players and are depending on capitalizing a draft that may have one or two stars...or may have none.

I would love to have a good NBA team in town, but where are we supposed to find hope? In Kurt Rambis? Not yet. In David Kahn? I'm waiting for the brilliance of his plan to unveil itself. In Glen Taylor? Not. In Al Jefferson, Kevin Love or Darko? Nope. In Jonny Flynn? Definitely not.

The Wolves' problem is, LeBron James will not be available in this draft.

I'm very high on John Wall. I think he'll be an excellent NBA point guard eventually. But I think he's still learning how to play, and isn't enough to turn this franchise around. Evan Turner? I like him, but he may be too slow to play point, he doesn't shoot the three well enough to play the 2, and he may be no more than a better-than-average 3.

His great advantage in college is he got to play point guard against smaller, lesser players. He will be a turnover machine if he has to play the point in the NBA.

-Very interesting, that the Twins didn't sell out the second game in Target Field. Think they'll be playing day games next April?

-Overcast day at the ballpark, but starting to brighten up.

All the Twins are wearing 42 in honor of Jackie Robinson.

-Upcoming: My twitter name is Souhanstrib. I'm on with Reusse and Souch at 2:35 p.m. Friday. Sunday Sports Talk will hit on Twins, NFL draft, overall start to the MLB season.


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