The eggplants have finally arrived.  

This growing season was weird.  We  had a super cold, wet spring; temps in August so high plants stopped production; and nothing for eggplants until the end of September.  Because I try to cram all the vegetable production I can into my little backyard garden space, I know that the eggplants would be crowded by peppers and spinach but I didn't anticipate such low production!

I clipped back the gorgeous purple eggplant flowers at the end of August hoping that would push out at least one fruit.  And that's all I got -- one.  And... it's only about 3" long.  We aren't supposed to have frost for a while, so I'll let it grow; but my dreams of eggplant parmesan and lasagne are dashed.

As with any garden, there is always hope.  My Brussels Sprouts are doing great.  I have four plants that I nestled beside my zucchini.  After frost and a freezer full of shredded logs, I pulled the plants. The sprouts took over.  They like the cold and the space.

Every year, like fellow Greengirl Martha, I tell myself to write things down.  What went well, what didn't and where things were located in my garden. I found an online service for garden journals. Maybe I should try that out.

Gardening is like exercising, eating right or changing habits.  You never have the time, but you need to take the time to do it.  I probably won't take the time this year -- I'll be satisfied to walk through the yard and dream of next year's crops. 

How about you?  Take a minute and send us your Highlight and/or Lowlight for this 2011.  Maybe collectively we will create our own journal and be able to check back next year into the archives!