Part 4: Nearly two weeks after she was left on the counter of a Minneapolis confectionery, the little foundling continued to be the talk of the town. This update appeared on Page 5 of the Tribune.

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Tribuna Is Thriving Tot

Little Foundling Is Hale and Hearty and Continues in Its New Surroundings.
“What do you think, Tribuna weighs eight pounds and two ounces and is getting heavier every day,” exclaimed a neighbor who had just been in to admire Tribuna Sanford, the baby who was deserted a week ago Friday in the store of Mrs. Sanford, 3401 Lyndale avenue south, as she hurried off to carry the joyous news to other neighbors. The babe was named after The Tribune, because of the interest shown in her by readers of the newspaper.
Tribuna is just as happy as ever. She coos and smiles and gurgles when Mr. Sanford comes home from work and greets the little bunch of smiles lying contentedly in the brand new baby carriage. Every morning Tribuna kicks a hearty welcome to her foster parents and coos some more until breakfast arrives.
Tribuna is still the pet of the neighborhood – more so, in fact, than ever – and the women and children are just as anxious to get bulletins on the infant’s health and increasing weight as they were the day Tribuna came to Mrs. Sanford’s home.
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