After a month of controversy about a single May 18 message GOP Sen. Gretchen Hoffman sent out on twitter, Hoffman seems to have deleted not only her tweet but her entire Twitter account.

A Senate ethics committee told her this week that she should apologize to DFL Sen. Barb Goodwin for tweeting (incorrectly) that Goodwin called people with mental illness “idiots and imbeciles.”

The panel Monday also told Hoffman to delete the offending tweet.

After letting the tweet hang through Tuesday, Hoffman’s account has now gone away. Go to her Twitter address now and it says:  


You can still see the tweet here. 



Commenters (below) correctly point out that the Senate ethics panel also instructed Hoffman to "provide a description of and a link to an online posting of this resolution on her Twitter account." It is not clear how that can happen since her Twitter account has gone away.





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