Since his firing in 2011, ex-Minnesota Senate employee Michael Brodkorb has cost the Senate more than $220,000 in legal bills.

Brodkorb is suing the Senate over his firing, which came in the wake of his affair with then Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch. When Koch stepped down from leadership, he was terminated. He is claiming gender discrimination because female employees who had affairs were permitted to keep legislative jobs. The Senate claims that he was an 'at will' employee who could be let go at any time.

The latest bill, which has yet to be approved for payment, of $27,700 will add to the more than $196,000 the state has already paid for outside legal counsel in the case.

The Senate has not yet scheduled a rules committee to approve the most recent bill.

The fees will only grow. The case is schedule for a summer 2014 trial date.

Last week, after a magistrate judge allowed both sides to mark case matters confidential, Brodkorb revealed that he had recorded conversations with senators and top senate staff regarding his dismissal.



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