Search teams will return to the Mississippi River for a third day on Tuesday to hunt for a car and anyone who might have been in it.

Officials don’t know whether anyone was in the gray or silver car before it plunged underneath the fast-moving water after a jogger first spotted it in the water on Sunday morning. Tire tracks marked the spot where the car went into the river underneath the 10th Avenue bridge on the East Bank near the University of ­Minnesota.

The Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office had two boats towing sonar devices up and down the river in search of the car but found nothing either Sunday or Monday, said spokeswoman Jennifer Johnson. Ramsey County also sent a boat to help with the search, she said.

The heavy rain and fast current — flowing four to five times faster than normal compared to the summertime — has made it too dangerous to send ­divers into the water, said Maj. Darrell ­Huggett of the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office. If the car is found, a camera will be used to see whether anyone is inside. Then a diver will attach a chain and a tugboat will pull it to the surface.

Paul Walsh