September 1, 2018
Researchers are seeking to apply precision medicine in the quest to test and find Alzheimer’s treatments.

Precision medicine opens new frontier in Alzheimer's fight

It's an approach that is changing the treatment of cancer and spawning targeted therapies for a wide range of diseases.
August 31, 2018
A polar bear stood on a patch of ice in the Franklin Strait in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago.

Climate change could render many of Earth's ecosystems unrecognizable

That's the verdict of a sweeping survey of global fossil and temperature records from the last 20,000 years.
August 30, 2018
Hospice nurse Dee Metzger administers a painkiller and sedative to cancer patient Nancy Mattes, 68, at the David Simpson Hospice House, one of three i

'It's sacred work': How hospice workers deal with death

As intense and exhausting as hospice care is, you seldom hear any caregivers describe the job as grim or dispiriting.
August 30, 2018
Jo Ann Allen still lives near the gas station where her niece collapsed and died a month after giving birth in 1991.

Medical groups call for new focus on moms as U.S. maternity deaths climb

According to estimates, every year 700 U.S. women die within one year of giving birth as a result of related complications.
August 30, 2018

Health briefs: No alcohol is safe? Why you should take latest alcohol study with moderation

A paper published in the Lancet said no amount of alcohol was safe. But the truth is more measured. It’s important to note that this…
August 30, 2018

Science briefs: Discovery about beluga whales, narwhals may help explain mystery of menopause

Most people with ovaries go through menopause. But most animals do not. We are an outlier. So are whales. Beluga whales and narwhals are the…
August 30, 2018

Ancient lake holds secrets to Mayan civilization's collapse

While analyzing sediment under Lake Chichancana, scientists found a 50 percent decrease in annual precipitation over more than 100 years.
August 30, 2018
The work, published in Scientific Reports, provides new evidence that Neanderthals may have created flames-on-demand by striking a small piece of pyri

Neanderthals may have started their own fires, study says

Humans may not have been the only hominids who had this power long ago, new research suggests.
August 30, 2018
A researcher holds a canola sample at Calyxt, where experimental wheat and soybeans are also grown. Calyxt’s soybean is the first of 23 gene-edited

Fast-forwarding to gene-edited foods

ROSEVILLE, Minn. – In a gleaming laboratory hidden from the highway by a Hampton Inn and a Denny’s restaurant, a researcher with the biotech…
August 30, 2018
Fifty years ago, the world’s first successful transplant of donor bone marrow was performed at the University of Minnesota.

Bone marrow transplants, a U medical breakthrough, celebrate 50th anniversary

As doctors reflected on the anniversary of one of the U's signature achievements, they expressed equal excitement about the progress ahead.
South Metro
August 30, 2018
These are among the 11 Blanding's turtle hatchlings found in Lebanon Hills Regional Park in Eagan.

Blanding's turtle babies discovered in Dakota County park

Eleven hatchlings, each the size of a silver dollar, were found Tuesday by park officials.
August 30, 2018

Researchers make 'huge step forward' to treating inherited retina disorder that leads to blindness

PHILADELPHIA – In 1990, scientists discovered a genetic mutation that turns an important light-sensing protein in the retina into a toxin that steadily destroys…
August 29, 2018
Mico, left, is being treated for DCM, but Louie died from it.

Grain-free, exotic dog food linked to sometimes fatal heart condition

It started with a late-night cough. "He was otherwise fine, but … something was weird and different," Verai Ramsammy said of her miniature schnauzer, Louie.…
August 28, 2018
Sony’s Aibo robot dog has more than 400 parts so it moves more like a real animal and it is built to learn tricks and take photos with a voice comma

Sony is relaunching its Aibo robot dog — and, it hopes, its brand

At $2,900, the robodog is more of a statement about company's innovation than a must-have toy.
August 27, 2018

Minn. officials say new Fargo flood plan is more equitable

A new proposal to manage floods on the Red River would reduce the highest levels that could flow through Fargo-Moorhead, but not eliminate them altogether, according to state officials.
August 27, 2018
STEM teachers like Doug Mead, who teaches physics and chemistry, often make far less in the classroom than they could in the private sector.

Twin Cities STEM teachers are facing pay challenges

A Star Tribune analysis reveals that Twin Cities STEM teachers make less than many other kinds of teachers.
St. Paul
August 25, 2018
From left to right, Jeremy Jackson, Susan Myster, Amanda Gronhovd and Kyle Knapp discuss their work on the Historical Human Remains project, a state-f

Their mission: Identify and bury Minnesota's historic human remains

"My goal is to not leave them sitting in a drawer for another 10 years. They need to be put to rest," Amanda Gronhovd, who took over as state archaeologist two years ago, said of the Historical Human Remains Project.
August 25, 2018
Hazy horizons are seen in all four directions from the observation deck of the Foshay Tower in downtown Minneapolis due to smoke from recent fires. Th

Behind uneventful Minn. summer weather lurks signs of climate change

Lake Superior algae bloom, hazy skies might become the norm, scientists say.
August 25, 2018
Temperatures in the Arctic have reached has high as 85 degrees Fahrenheit during some recent summer days.

Climate change may be opening up new shipping route between China and Europe

Path north of Russia could drastically reduce distance from East Asia to Europe.
August 25, 2018
Kate Plants lost five embryos when a freezer tank malfunctioned at a fertility center in Cleveland.

Grieving families go to court over lost embryos

MIDDLEBURG HEIGHTS, Ohio – Colorful umbrellas dotted an otherwise bleak cemetery landscape as chaplains led a crowd of about 50 people in prayer. Kate…