The pressure is on: A bag full of mini candy bars once was all it took to keep our little Munchkins happy (really, it wasn’t that long ago!).

Now the expectation is for something more — and it had better be delicious, whether it’s before, after or during the hallowed night. And that’s as true for adults as it is for our children.

Have your themed party ready? Or at least the bits and bites that will keep your crew in the spirit?

Maybe it’s a candied apple that suits the evening, or some roasted pumpkin seeds (here’s hoping you didn’t throw out the seeds).

Then again, you may be searching for a theme for your adults-only production. Think noir — it is an evening of darkness, after all — and surprise your guests with courses of black food.

Of course, there’s the annual conundrum of what to do with the evening’s caloric haul, whether it’s simply leftovers or your child’s own bag of goodies.

Hint: Head to the kitchen (that’s always the place to go), where you can make something good — though not necessarily healthful, in this case — out of almost nothing. It might as well be magic. And that suits the occasion just fine.