Savage, a city with one of the more dismal records lately when it comes to profits from municipal liquor, is about to give its stores a makeover.

After turning to a private sector veteran to oversee its stores, the city has hired a Twin Cities branding firm to "strengthen their identity."

The firm, called BAKER Branding and Design, is responsible for a yogurt maker's slogan, "Müller: European for Yummy."

It has previously worked with the Eden Prairie liquor operation, whose cheerful, high-energy approach is typified by a store manager remarking on her blog:

"I love hot and spicy so I was super psyched when I was pitched Dekuyper Chocolate Chili Liqueur. A little sweet, a little heat ... yummy!"

Municipal liquor was long a sleepy, reliable income producer for cities but has faced increasing competition from discount stores and the like and is trying to raise its game.

Savage's City Council will be asked to review the plans and costs next week.