San Antonio Scorpions president and general manager Howard Cornfield appears to have a bone to pick with Minnesota United team president Nick Rogers - and he's not willing to settle things privately.

In a letter to San Antonio fans that was posted on the team website and promoted on the team social media accounts, Cornfield accuses Rogers of making what he calls "uncalled for [sic] comments by the Minnesota team president over the course of the past year about our fans and organization," which the Scorpions executive claims are the source of an organization-wide hatred for the United organization.

Later in the letter, Cornfield went after United's president personally, noting in an unflattering aside that Rogers is "the son-in-law of the team owner and has no prior experience or track record in the sports industry."

Rogers reacted with bewilderment, offering a signed United jersey via Twitter for anyone who could find a recorded negative quote from him about either the Scorpions organization or its fans. (The closest I could come from the SoccerCentric archives was an interview in which Rogers referred to San Antonio's ticket sales as "incredible.")

"I have no idea what comments he's referring to," said Rogers, via text. "I don't think I've ever made any negative comments about the organization, and I'm sure I've never bad-mouthed their fans."

On Twitter, Rogers wrote, "I have nothing but respect for the Scorpions organization and their fans. I'm sorry Mr. Cornfield felt it necessary to write that letter. If someone on my staff wrote this, I'd make them take it down and apologize. We'll have a further response on the field on Saturday."

Cornfield's letter appears to be the latest in a line of pro wrestling-style attempts to drum up interest in the Scorpions, which include a mysterious egg appearing at San Antonio's stadium. (This may well be a homage to one of the single silliest moments in pro wrestling history, which is of course a "sport" that has been fairly littered with silly moments.)