There has been yet another mystery red kettle donation to the Salvation Army of $1,000 in the form of 10 Benjamin Franklins, the charity said Monday.

Saturday's donation outside a County Market in St. Francis follows five others in the east metro since late last month.

The first five donations involved fresh-from-the-bank $100 bills, and Salvation Army spokeswoman Annette Bauer says that the charity believes the same person is behind those grand gestures.

This latest drop in the bucket, however, involved circulated $100 bills, "so that could mean the same donor or maybe a copycat," Bauer said. "What a great adventure that would be," she said, "dozens of copycat grand givers."

The first five involved two in Roseville, and one each in Shoreview, St. Anthony and Maplewood.

As of late last week, the Salvation Army said it has so far collected about 33 percent of its Christmas campaign goal of $11.4 million. The kettles are out until Saturday, with the campaign closing Dec. 31. For other ways to donate, visit