BURTON, Mich. — Walmart is praising a cashier who painted a disabled woman's fingernails after a salon turned her away because her hands shake from cerebral palsy.

Ebony Harris skipped her break during a recent shift at a Walmart in Burton, Michigan, to help Angela Peters. The women know each other because Peters often shops at the Walmart store.

Harris tells WJRT-TV that Peters wanted to look pretty, "and so, why can't she?" Harris said: "No matter the person, who they are, what color they are, disability, whatever, they're people, too."

Peters says it was an especially nice thing for Harris to do.

Walmart spokeswoman Tara Aston said Tuesday that the company isn't surprised by Harris' kindness. Aston says the company "couldn't be more proud of her."

The women were also featured Monday on ABC's "Good Morning America."