Saints’ marathon road trip
The St. Paul Saints returned home Monday from a 14-day road trip that covered 3,063 miles. The Saints finished the trip with a 9-5 record. 
May 30-June 2
595 miles: St. Paul to Joplin, Mo. Saints won three of four games after the series opener was rained out.
June 3-5
779 miles: Joplin to Laredo, Texas. Saints won the series opener 7-4 but lost the next two games (4-3 and 7-6).
June 6-8
632 miles: Laredo to Amarillo, Texas. Saints won the third game 10-6 after losing 12-3 and 11-8.
June 9-12
782 miles: Amarillo to Sioux Falls, S.D., 782 miles. Saints swept the four-game series, outscoring Sioux Falls 39-18.
June 13
270 miles: Sioux Falls to St. Paul. Back home for a three-game series against Sioux City.