The guy is just reaming the kid with one cliché after another and I can see the poor lad's eyes rolling. Advice is great if people want it. This kid wasn't being asked, he was getting told. Oh did that remind me of a day or two in life. His first utterance of that old prattle about making a good first impression, to me is more akin to a flawed phrase than a real sage piece of wisdom. If I gave up on a chunk of woods or water, people or a person, that fast, there'd be no telling how much in life I would have missed. Some lakes on rainy days were miserable and the same lake, with an ice covered surface, couldn't be beat. I've met people who said I never had a chance, and yet they took a chance on me. When I meet someone for the first time, I always think, be careful, there on their best behavior, because I don't really know what someone is actually like, until about the ninth or tenth get together, that's when they have they guard down, that's when familiarity breeds contempt, that's when I know who or what I'm dealing with. And another set of dribbles, "You can tell a lot about a person by the type of people they hang around with, and just by looking at the cloths some folks wear", well these too, to me, have left me wondering more than any quick decision making has ever come to mind. If I judged every book by its cover, I'd a knocked off a lake on one bad fishing trip and I would have missed some great water. I've met some very unique people who at first came off rude, worried, eccentric or at times, downright scary. Now years later I miss some of the antics or surprises those folks and fishing holes delivered up. I've caught some real odd things on the end of fishing lines, I think the oddest to date, is a six point deer antler. So for me, some of the sagest advice is nothing but a clever verbal cover to hit the road leaving them or that behind, without really taking the time to find out. The trout whisperer

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