Mayor R.T. Rybak had a flip-flop on property taxes at a Capitol Vikings stadium hearing Friday.

Rybak said one benefit of the Metrodome site is that it would be built on land that is currently exempt from property taxation.

"We're not taking any property off the tax rolls," Rybak said. "Unlike all other sites [where] we were talking about buying new property that was on the tax rolls and taking it off the tax rolls, we're using existing non-taxed property."

But that clashes with this spreadsheet created by Council Member Cam Gordon, which says the city alone would lose $109,624 a year in property taxes from 11 addresses.

The issue was a major concern of Sen. Julianne Ortman, who noted, "If you have a property tax-exempt property the other property taxpayers in that jurisdiction are essentially paying the burden on behalf of the tax-exempt property."

Rybak modified his position when the panel pressed further.

"There will be two small parcels on which there will be parking facilities built. Now those parking facilities will be on property that is currently taxed. However, it will be a major improvement that will take place right next to some of our downtown officeholders. So that very small piece will in fact be taken off. But 90 percent -- 98 percent of the property will already be off the tax rolls."