ATTENTION: This subject matter makes sense only to Twitter followers.

Welcome Ruth Sietsema. Given that there was no formal birth announcement on Saturday, I'll offer one here, since I am clearly the godmother of this newbie and was present almost from the start, give or take a couple of hours, while awaiting a flight out of Charleston, SC, the city of conception.

 Twitter images of Ruth Bourdain, left, (a mash up of Ruth Reichl and Anthony Bourdain) and restaurant critic Robert Sietsema. The new Twitter handle is a mash up of both.I am pleased to announce the birth of Ruth Sietsema, the parody born of a Twitter parody, half sibling of Ruth Bourdain (or as noted on Twitter, “sister from another mister"). She/he/it is officially part of the food world, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health (oops, wrong sacrament).  

It was a difficult birth, born of controversy and the volatile mix of linear thinking and lack of humor, a dangerous combo if ever there was one.

But never mind. Ruth Sietsema is here. Welcome to our small world!
In recognition of RuSiets' birth and in my role as godmother (and marketing co-director for the Association of Food Journalists), I'd like to extend an honorary membership to AFJ to our own little Ruthie. We welcome newcomers. Membership has its privileges.
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Confused? See the Star Tribune's earlier posting about Ruth Bourdain and her connection to Robert Sietsema.
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