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Ross Levin

Columnist | Your Money
Ross Levin is founding principal and president of Accredited Investors Inc., Edina, a fee-only wealth management firm. His Gains and Losses column runs on the fourth Sunday of the month. A compilation of these columns can be found in his book, "Spend Your Life Wisely." Send emails to
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Think of your home as a car, not an investment

I was 22 when I bought my first car, a used green Audi. I loved this car. Every day that I got into it, I…

Words of advice for graduates, with benefit of hindsight

After two college graduation ceremonies last weekend, I was thinking about the commencement address I have not yet given. Thirty-five years after my own graduation,…

Levin: Reducing financial clutter can change one's life

As our daughters graduate from college in May, we are helping them move. Thanks to their somewhat ascetic lifestyle, this should be relatively easy. I…

Levin: Aligning your money with your purpose in life

May I have the courage today To live the life that I would love, To postpone my dream no longer But do at last what…
Minnesota's tax attitude can make the state easy to leave

Minnesota's tax attitude can make the state easy to leave

We are converting groups of Minnesotans from 'owners' of the state to 'renters.'

Levin: Misdiagnosis leads to wrong financial prescriptions

I knew the lights were working on my hybrid car when each of the trouble indicators illuminated and the headlamps lit up even before I…

Ross Levin: Pondering options for your 'wild and precious life'

I usually smile when I run. In some places, this would be nice. In Minnesota, it is strange. I smile because I am happy that…

Levin: To change, we must challenge assumptions, fear

When our large puppy went to a neighborhood dog’s birthday party, I was worried. Our dog is 85 pounds and 18 months old. He is…

Levin: Avoid deal breakers by identifying your calico cat pillow

One of my friends was describing a complicated divorce. They’d finally resolved issues regarding property, kids and monthly maintenance and were set to sign the…

Levin: Examine the forces that impede your choices on finances and career

I was on an elevator in Texas when a Hispanic housekeeper looked at me and said, “For an old man, you have nice hair.” I…

Levin: Manage scarcity or scarcity will end up managing you

As dusk was approaching on the North Shore, a friend was driving around in circles trying to find the best spot to watch the sunset.…

Levin: Parsing our motives can make charity more genuine

The guy who walks our dog once a week is starting to annoy me. Why don’t our dog’s behavior lapses occur when our dog walker…

Ross Levin: Finding a way to shine light on money matters

I invited our daughters and co-workers to participate in “The Streak” with me. We are committed to getting a run in every day from Thanksgiving…

Levin: Fear of missing out can threaten financial decisions

In college, I did a lot of things that I didn’t really want to do, went to many events that I didn’t want to attend,…
Levin: Retirement isn't just a numbers game

Levin: Retirement isn't just a numbers game

The “retirement lifestyle” means more than the “retirement number.”

Tough times are testing relationship

The state of Minnesota and the U of M seem to be at a tipping point. A mutually beneficial solution is best.
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