– Why wasn't Pete Rose still with the Fox broadcast team in Games 4 and 5? He had places to be, things to sign.

"They were kind of disappointed I wasn't there, and to be honest I was disappointed, too," Rose told the Associated Press on Sunday. "But I'm the kind of guy who lives up to my contracts. You've got to honor your obligations."

Those obligations included a dinner and speech with a group Rose didn't identify. They also included an autograph signing, which is how Rose made all his money before Fox hired him this year to talk about baseball.

One was in Arizona, the other in Las Vegas, where he can be found most weekdays near the casino at Mandalay Bay signing baseballs and other memorabilia.

"I would have loved to have stayed; I had a lot of fun working with those guys," Rose said. "But I already had previous things that were scheduled a long time ago. I had forgotten to put the World Series dates in when I signed for those."


• Game 4 was the most watched Saturday World Series game since 2009, drawing 13.6 million viewers, Fox said.

• Edinson Volquez's single in Game 5 Sunday was the first postseason hit by a Royals pitcher.