Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul is bringing his campaign to Minnesota, with a "substantial" ad buy in advance of the state's Feb. 7 caucuses.

Paul's campaign already has the most visible Minnesota pre-caucus organization, with phone banks, caucus training and an established office since last year. He also visited the state, attracting thousands of people to a St. Cloud rally in 2011.

Paul, who has a libertarian bent, has been said to be following Barack Obama's 2008 campaign model, which includes a caucus-focused, 50-state strategy.

“Running ads in the key early voting states of Nevada and Minnesota is part of our delegate strategy to secure the Republican nomination.  Both states present opportunities for a strong top-three showing in their upcoming caucuses,” said Paul's campaign chairman Jesse Benton. “Ours is the only campaign with the resources, organization, and stamina to defeat establishment candidate Mitt Romney in a 50-state race."

The campaign calls the ad that will run in Minnesota, "Big Dog." It promises Paul would cut $1 trillion from the federal budget in his firsts year in office and abolish five federal departments.

"Wanna drain the swamp? Ron Paul. Do it," the ad says.


Here's the ad:



Update: Paul's Sunday morning fundraising email also mentioned the Gopher state. "Florida is just around the corner, with caucuses in Nevada, Maine, Colorado, and Minnesota following right on its heels," the appeal said.

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