Amanda Seyfried (genus blondus americanus) has a new movie coming up:

Fans of sappy love stories with a dash of Shakespearean melodrama are in luck.

Summit Entertainment will be allowed to release "Letters to Juliet" as scheduled on May 14, thanks to the settlement of a lawsuit that clouded rights to the story. The film details the journey of an American girl (Amanda Seyfried) who happens upon a letter written to Juliet Capulet from Shakespeare's "Romeo & Juliet." After finding the letter left at Juliet's gravestone in Verona, Italy, the girl figures out what happened to the letter-writer who once sought love advice.


The story is inspired by a real-life Verona group called the "Club di Giulietta," which for 100 years has been answering those who leave letters at Juliet's grave.

Why would anyone ask a suicidal 13-year-old for love advice? You’d be better off asking Larry King, even if half the answers consisted of “Viagra!” and “where’s my mush?” At least he has a track record.

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