LOS ANGELES -- Two of the biggest TV stars from decades past spoke at length  Monday during the CBS portion of the TV Critics press tour.

Robin WIlliams, who will co-star with Sarah Michelle Gellar in the sitcom, "The Crazy Ones," said it was "great to have a steady gig after so long."

David E. Kelley, who penned the pilot, said Williams would do each take as written and then was allowed to improvise in the second take. Each episode will most likely end with outtakes so people can see Williams get a little nuts.

Arsenio Hall, who is also returning to the small  screen with  a reboot of hissyndicated  late-night talk show, said that despite the growing number of competitors, there is still a large segment of the audience who are searching for a show to call their own. But he acknowledged the rise of Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon by saying he was at the courtroom this morning trying to get his name changed to Jimmy. The show, produced by CBS Paramount, will debut locally  in September on WUCW.

In other news:

Julianna Marguiles didn't seem to be too miffed being overlooked for the first time by Emmy voters for her work in "The Good Wife," but she does have a pet peeve.

"I wish people would stop saying you're so great -- for a network show," she said. "Put us on cable and we'd stand up."

The show will celebrate its 100th episode in the fifth season, which debuts Sept. 29.

New sitcom, "Mom," starring Anna Faris as a women trying to start a new chapter in her life, will get some high profile help. Justin Long will guest star as a potential boyfriend in early episodes and Oscar Octavia Spencer will appear in the fifth episode as a woman with troubles of her own. That series debuts Sept. 23.


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