We got the word just a few minutes ago that Luke Ridnour, tending to a family matter, would not play in tonight's game against Memphis. That means Jonny Flynn gets his first start of the season and that Sebastian Telfair should get his first meaningful minutes since Flynn returned from injury.

Telfair has been battling plantar fasciitis all season. A couple weeks ago he went to New York for a procedure on the foot that consisted of blood being taken from him, centrifuged, and then having the plasma re-injected into the injured area. He said his foot feels a lot better and he's ready to jump back into the mix.

Meanwhile, Wes Johnson talked about how thrilled he is to be going to play in the rookie-sophomore game over All Star weekend. Having looked at the rosters, he said he's confident the rookies can take it to the sophomores. All he wants not is to have a teammate to go to L.A. with him; Kevin Love will find out tomorrow night if he will go as a reserve on the Western Conference team.

That's about it for now. I'll get back to you after the game.

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