...Scott Baker will be his opening day starter. He pointed out that Baker went 12-2 to finish last year. ``He earned it,'' Anderson said. ``The way he finished, he's one of the better pitchers in the American League.''

-Anderson also said he's very encouraged by Francisco Liriano's winter outings, that Liriano will be able to compete for a spot in the rotation. Last year, I thought Liriano should become a reliever, because he lacked stamina, but if they can get him back to being a strong starter, the rotation could be outstanding.

The best part, Anderson said, is that the Twins will have depth this season, in the form of Brian Duensing, Glen Perkins and Anthony Swarzak.

-It's raining again in Vancouver. I think my leather boots are shot. They've been my favorite shoes for about three years, but they have met their match in the puddles of British Columbia.

-Pray for Michael Russo's bus drivers. He spent pretty much all night busing back from Whistler, then had to get up early to bus back this morning. You do not want to be Michael's bus driver if you take a wrong turn when he's tired.

You don't want to deal with Mike when he's had too much coffee. Or not enough coffee.

-Sunday Sports Talk is on til noon. We plan to have John Randle on soon on am-1500. Thanks to Rick Anderson and Myron Medcalf for joining us.

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