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Richard Chin is a feature reporter with the Star Tribune in Minneapolis. He has been a longtime Twin Cities-based journalist who has covered crime, courts, transportation, outdoor recreation and human interest stories.

As a feature reporter, Richard Chin has flown on the Goodyear Blimp, driven the Wienermobile, sunk to the bottom of a lake in a one-man submarine, worn a giant urine specimen cup costume as a mascot for a health care company, rode a vintage Puch at the Sturgis of mopeds and was mistakenly arrested by police hunting for a serial killer. He also spent six weeks in Baghdad during the Iraq war and was a Knight Journalism Fellow at Stanford University.
Recent content from Richard Chin
Avid Hot Wheels collector Ryan Wurzbacher held up his favorite car, a 1968 olive green Camaro with a white interior that cost him about $2,000.

Twin Cities collectors have serious drive to accumulate Hot Wheels: 'They're pieces of art'

Adult collectors are obsessed with the tiny cars, hoarding them by the hundreds, selling rare ones for thousands.
Chuck Zwilling and his crew worked on cutting the ice for their giant floating ice carousel -- more than 130 meters across -- on Green Prairie Fish La

Minnesota man makes carousel out of enormous floating disk of ice

Extreme ice carousel builders across the world are one-upping each other in a challenge to create the biggest and best.
Former attorney Taryn Singer of New York City is the owner of WithThanks, a company that will ghostwrite — and send — handwritten thank you notes.

Don't want to write your own thank you note? Just outsource it

Signed, sealed and delivered: Ghostwriters and robots will write your thank you notes for you.
Revelers in the Philippines. Fireworks are big in many countries on New Year’s Eve.

From quirky to scary, how the rest of the world celebrates New Year's Eve

Sure, we kiss, we drink. But compared with the rest of the world, Americans have downright dull New Year's Eve customs.
These holiday gifts are so good, PR people wrote us poems about them

These holiday gifts are so good, PR people wrote us poems about them

PR firms were pitching gift ideas. We asked them to do so in verse. Surprisingly, they were not averse.
Todd Millenacker works on a demo of a jingle.

Savage man's successful ad jingles tout pizza and electric back shavers

He lost a pizza-eating challenge but landed a song in a national ad campaign.
Charley Brandt, 71, rang his big brass bell at the Lunds & Byerlys in Roseville. Brandt — who is often dressed as Santa or accompanied by his Yorkip

Salvation Army bell ringer finds purpose and joy: 'I have a new Christmas'

One of the Salvation Army's most ardent Twin Cities volunteers finds connection as a bell ringer.
Elizabeth Delmore

Elizabeth Delmore, Catholic sister and librarian who climbed mountains, dies at 97

Elizabeth Delmore was a Roseau girl who lived and traveled around the world as a Catholic sister, and a librarian who wrote poetry and climbed…
Hearing protection is being seen more often at music venues.

Are you ready to rock? Just don't forget your earplugs

More rock and classical fans (and musicians) are protecting their ears from loud performances.
The Science Museum of Minnesota has a new boneman. Alex Hastings is recently started work as the museum’s Fitzpatrick Chair of Paleontology. Here, H

Meet the new dinosaur bone hunter at the Science Museum of Minnesota

The Science Museum's new paleontologist really digs crocodiles and "Jurassic Park."
Tucker, a Shetland Sheepdog-terrier mix with a pronounced underbite aka Dracula.

Our Halloween Pet Costume Contest got hundreds of entries: Here are the best

From witches to wizards, our contest elicited some scary, wacky and creative outfits for four-legged fur kids.
Zombie walking and reaching

A Twin Cities expert's terrifying take on trends in Halloween props

Psychos, aliens and zombies: A ghoulish expert's take on what's hot and what's not in Halloween props.
Thomas Carr Sr. with his 1968 Ford Torino in 1994. Carr later sold the car and his grandson is now hoping to find it and buy it back.

Ohio man is searching for his grandfather's Ford Torino in Minnesota

A 50-year-old car somewhere in the state may be this man's connection to his grandfather.
Francis Shen at the University of Minnesota Law School in Minneapolis.

From cyborgs to sex robots, U professor studies how brain science is changing legal system

At the law school, neurolawyer Francis Shen studies the legal implications of emerging brain science.
Dr. Michael Joyner in the courtyard of Mayo Clinic Hospital, St. Mary’s campus in Rochester.

Mayo Clinic expert on world-record athletes says a sub-2-hour marathon is possible

Michael Joyner has been called "one of the world's most widely cited experts on the limits of human performance."
Slackliner Mark Mckee and Michael Nichols walk the line 300 feet above the water at Palisade Head.

Minnesota slackliners test balance (and gravity) high above Lake Superior

The motto is "longer and higher" for Minnesotans practicing the gravity-defying sport of slacklining.
Nicolle Peltier helped with the building of a new playground at Jenny Lind Elementary School in Minneapolis. Pelter said the new playground close to t

New, safer playground going up near site of traumatic Minneapolis crash

Near the site of the crash that shattered a family, a new, safer playground is built in north Minneapolis.
Marsha McDonald and Patrick Hinch climbed Mount Gilboa in Bloomington. She’s training for the Superior Hiking Trail; he’s headed to Machu Picchu.

Why are people going uphill at Hyland Hills Ski Area all summer long?

Bloomington's Hyland Hills has become a training destination for Twin Cities adventurers seeking to conquer real mountains.
Lucy Francis is a Hastings artist who makes miniature fuzzy sculptures of actual pets, living and dead.

Hastings artist can create a tiny, soft sculpture to memorialize your dog

Dog lover turned miniature artist makes tiny memorials of deceased pets — and animal actors from "The Walking Dead."
Diane and Jim Cook after renewing their wedding vows in the parking lot of a Pilgrim Dry Cleaners location in Robbinsdale on their 60th anniversary.

After 60 years, couple renew vows in Robbinsdale dry cleaner parking lot

Children hold surprise renewal of vows for parents — married 60 years — on site where their church once stood.
Michael Hauser, a profession musician and expert in flamenco guitar, performed along Nicollet Mall on Aug. 17.

Some Minneapolis street performers are collecting more than just tips

The Minneapolis Downtown Improvement District says downtown streets are more vibrant if the city encourages entertainers and pays some of them.
Kristin Wilke Detailleur ORG XMIT: o0EvimyTIEH9vlxcSrCL

Kristin Wilke Detailleur, veteran Twin Cities stage manager and props designer from St. Paul, dies

Detailleur was a longtime stage manager and prop master for theaters throughout the Twin Cities, a theater veteran who loved working behind the scenes on local productions of shows ranging from "God of Carnage" to "Tony 'n' Tina's Wedding."
Dan Brown, the author of “The Da Vinci Code” and “Origins,” at home in Rye Beach, N.H.

'Da Vinci Code' author Dan Brown's code for thriller novel success

In the bestselling novelist's latest thriller, "Origin," science threatens to kill off God.
More than two tons of cheese filled the world-record-breaking cheeseboard in Madison.

World record for largest cheeseboard set in — where else? — Wisconsin

The 35-foot-long board served up more than two tons of cheese.
“I’m a headbanger for the Lord,” said Katie King, a worshiper at the Minneapolis Metal Church, who also sings during services. “It gets me goi

Heavy metal pastor's Minneapolis church attracts 'headbangers for the Lord'

The Minneapolis Metal Church makes a joyful — and loud — noise unto the Lord.
The Blue Sun Soda Shop has hundreds of varieties of soda on display in their store in Spring Lake Park.

Shop boasting 1,300 flavors of pop expands with first Minnesota Soda Festival

The man who brought many sodas to Minnesota is hosting a celebration of pop culture.
St. Cloud police apprehended the missing crocodile sculpture on Friday morning.

The 10-foot steel crocodile gone missing in St. Cloud art heist has been found

A crocodile sculpture installed in downtown St. Cloud says "See you later, alligator."
A row of five bouncy houses sat at the top of a hill on the edge of Ryan and Emilie Matthias’ front yard in Van Meter, Iowa, during a unique memoria

Revenge, humor, irreverence: These obituaries get the last word

Families — and the recently departed — crack jokes, reveal flaws and settle scores.
Stephanie Williams, Michelle Smith, Peggy Berg, Amanda Floyd, Sue Hammond and Stacy Lahti made Knitted Knockers prostheses.

How Twin Cities knitters are creating breast prostheses with yarn

Michelle Smith's group is working with Knitted Knockers, a nonprofit organization based in Washington state that provides lightweight, breathable prostheses out of soft yarn.
Lou Chouinard, left, and friend and fellow glider pilot Paul Remde flying above the Stanton Airfield in Stanton, Minn.

Two 'upper-middle-aged' Twin Cities folks show that learning something new enriches your life

Studies have shown that "sustained engagement" can have cognitive benefits for older adults.
Helen Miller

Woodbury resident Helen Miller, pioneering soldier, dies at 96

When Helen Miller became one of the first women to serve in the U.S. Army during World War II, she promised her parents she wouldn’t…
Everyone plays
Weekly capture the flag games at St. Paul’s Como Park have drawn participants of all ages. The group typically plays from April until

St. Paul Parks offers summertime free outdoor yoga classes, capture the flag and more

From yoga to capture the flag, St. Paul takes fitness outside.
Paul Nazers, bottom left, reacted as the sound system in Dan Horner’s 1993 Dodge Caravan was activated during an Advanced 3 contest at the State Fai

Minnesota's extreme car stereo fans compete to see how loud they can go

Forget muscle cars. In this decibel drag race, competitors empty their wallets to pack their beaters with speakers that blare windshield-cracking sound.
The Mysterious Old Radio Listening Society stages old radio shows for audiences. Eric Webster crushed a piece of balsa wood to allude to a bridge coll

DIY radio theater makes a comeback across Minnesota

Driven by technology and the popularity of podcasts, Minnesotans are creating experimental sci-fi, adventure serials, variety shows and more.
A competitor climbed the course at Red Bull 400 at Copper Peak, a “ski flying” facility in Ironwood, Mich. The uphill grind is 400 meters.

Runners find another level at Red Bull's 'steepest race' in U.P.

Energy drink giant goes for another extreme: this time, sprinting 400 meters up a ski jump in Michigan.
Activist Leslie Davis created a dress to draw attention to the plight of butterflies. It’s one of the many unconventional projects he’s dreamed up

At 81, activist Leslie Davis makes his seventh, and likely last, run for governor

For decades, environmental activist Leslie Davis has guarded his Earth Protector brand. Now it's for sale.
Sarah Cade with the AR-15 platform gun she customized herself.

Liberal Maplewood millennial not typical gun rights advocate: 'We're normal people'

Sarah Cade is young, biracial and passionately liberal. She's also become a self-described gun nut and a staunch defender of gun ownership.
Stephanie Brodegard and two of her kids, Grant and Darcy, during a ride.

After ditching their car and riding bikes for a year, Mpls. family buys a minivan

A young Minneapolis family makes an adventure out of going car-free.

Minnesota outdoorsman Robert Dustrude, who built a better camping saw, dies at 97

For decades, Dustrude made the saws in the workshop of his home on Swan Lake in Pengilly, Minn. He continued making them almost to the day he died March 10 at the age of 97.
Siblings Alyssa and Mark Fox, co-founders of Fox Tax in Minneapolis, specialize in preparing taxes for artists. “An artist spends their money and th

Minneapolis sibling tax accountants are 'crazy' like Foxes for artist clients

A brother-and-sister accounting firm makes life less taxing for artists. It helps that the siblings are "a little crazy."
St. Paul caver, urban explorer, writer, historian and DNR research analyst Greg Brick checked the water temperature in a spring hidden near the Mall o

Underground explorer is on a mission to map Minnesota's forgotten springs

A St. Paul man has spent decades hunting the hidden springs of Minnesota, once a source of drinking water and health cures.
Book Across the Bay is considered the second-largest Nordic race in North America.

A unique weekend of winter racing on frozen Lake Superior

A unique winter duo in northwestern Wisconsin motors by different means.
A worker cleared snow Friday in front of the Hennepin County Government Center in downtown Minneapolis after almost 6 inches fell overnight. More is f

Now that snow has stopped piling up, the wind to pick up

Expect up to 8 inches of snow by morning. One fatal crash was reported Saturday near Foley in Benton County.
A competitor gets some air time, top, at a horse skijoring competition last year in Zumbrota.

Skijoring – combining horses, cowboys, skiers and jumps – is coming to Canterbury Park in Shakopee

Whoa! Minnesotans are horsing around on skis in a resurgent sport with ancient roots.
Gilbert LaLonde with some of his diving medals.

Minneapolis native Gilbert LaLonde, who won diving championships, dies at 89

He set world records and competed around the world as a master athlete well into his 70s.
St. Paul geographer Bill Lindeke is leading a movement to fly the City of St. Paul flag. He's shown on Payne Avenue with the flag.

City flags are having a moment – everywhere but Minneapolis

While St. Paul's city flag is catching on with boosters, many folks are trash talking the Minneapolis flag.
So far, New Hope amateur Scott Peterson has found 36 micrometeorites.

New Hope amateur scientist searches for stardust on Twin Cities rooftops

Particles from outer space are falling all around us. An amateur Twin Cities scientist knows how to find them.
Erwin “Erv” Berglund with his fat-tire bike at the finish of the 2014 Arrowhead 135 ultramarathon.

Two Minnesotans in their 70s tackle 135-mile winter wilderness trek

Held in one of the coldest places in the country, the Arrowhead race frequently involves temperatures well below zero, making hypothermia and frostbite a risk.
The new slide at CHS Field.

Super Slide arrives at CHS Field for Super Bowl

Here's your chance to slide into a base at CHS Field.
Gregory Kelly built a wooden model of U.S. Bank Stadium.

Toothpick replica of Vikings' billion-dollar palace going to the real U.S. Bank Stadium

A man who made a model of the U.S. Bank Stadium gets to see his creation displayed at the real thing.
John O’Connell is the official starter for the City of Lakes Loppet, a volunteer position that requires some good timing.

City of Lakes Loppet starter: 'My customer is the racer'

A former ski racer is the volunteer who gets all of the City of Lakes Loppet races off to a good start.
Roy Cook holds two Lego figurines, which he says “show the complex representations of blackness in Lego.” The Lego on the left shows a “black sk

Minnesota professor explores link between philosophy and Lego

Philosophers ponder the meaning of Lego thanks to a new book co-edited by a University of Minnesota professor.
Chelsea Couillard-Smith, left, and Susan Carr are two of the librarians who decide which of the thousands of books the Hennepin County Library will bu

Hennepin County libraries buy 700K books a year – here are the most popular of 2017

Among the most sought-after of the year: Instant Pot cookbooks.
Salvation Army emergency disaster services volunteer Jim Daly has participated in a disaster drill at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

Retired Twin Cities officer now serves with Salvation Army

A former lieutenant in the Ramsey County Sheriff's Office now rushes to disasters — with a hot meal.
University of Minnesota medical student Amritha Yellamilli gives her Three Minute Thesis talk on her research on heart stem cells.

University of Minnesota graduate students compete in the Three Minute Thesis contest

University of Minnesota graduate students compete against the clock in a dissertation contest.
Chris Egert posted this photo on his Facebook account.

Second Twin Cities TV newsperson in 3 months undergoes foot amputation

KSTP's Chris Egert loses the lower part of his left leg in operation, just a few months after Courtney Godfrey's boating accident.
A wooden model of US Bank Stadium built by Gregory Kelly of Minneapolis. Kelley spent about 400 hours of work over 7 months using about 6,400 toothpic

Man creates 4-foot-long replica of U.S. Bank Stadium using 6,400 toothpicks

A California retiree built a detailed model of U.S. Bank Stadium to celebrate becoming a Minnesotan.
Susan Brower is only the third state demographer since the job was created in 1974, replacing Tom Gillaspy, who held the job for nearly 33 years.

This woman is in charge of seeing Minnesota's future — and she's optimistic

Minnesota State Demographer Susan Brower tracks who we are and who we'll be in the future.
Ellis Rothke flew across the grip line at Obstacle Academy, which was started by a mom who competed on “American Ninja Warrior.”

'Playgrounds on steroids': Ninja warrior gym craze sweeps Minnesota

At least six ninja warrior gyms have sprung up in the Twin Cities, inspired by the obstacle-course competition made popular on NBC's television show "American Ninja Warrior." And more are coming.
Dance instructor Ellen Keane led Tappy Hour on a recent Friday at Can Can Wonderland in St. Paul. “Anyone can pick up the stuff we’re doing,” sh

Dance away your frustrations at St. Paul bar's Tappy Hour

St. Paul's kooky Can Can Wonderland bar adds free dance lessons during its weekly Tappy Hour.
Krishna Seshan

Former Silicon Valley engineer Krishna Seshan dies at 71

Seshan, of Minneapolis, had an accomplished career as a researcher and academic. But after he retired and moved to the Twin Cities, the former engineer became an artist and musician. He died Oct. 25 at age 71.
Brian Krohn is founder of Soundly, a game-driven app that trains you to do “pushups for your tongue."

A cure for your snoring might be an app developed at the University of Minnesota

“Nee-nee-nee-nee-nee-nee-nee. Naw. Nee-nee-nee. Naw-naw-naw-naw.” Brian Krohn is chanting into his phone, which is displaying animated missiles shooting down a red whale. It’s a new smartphone…
Brian Krohn, founder and CEO of Soundly.

Cure for snoring? St. Paul inventor Brian Krohn may have it with wizard tools

From wizard staffs and surgery tools to sleep apps, this Minnesota genius applies science to real life
Kim Insley

KARE 11 and longtime morning anchor Kim Insley 'part ways'

Insley talked about some future plans in a video she posted on Facebook.
The neon sign from the now-closed Nye's in Minneapolis.

'Nye's is better off dead': Minnesotans air contrarian views with hilarious hashtag

A writer asks Twin Citians for their controversial opinions, and they let him have it on Twitter.
Nathan Maehren of the YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities demonstrated a machine that combines a core workout with a virtual reality experience.

You can fly! Virtual reality workout coming to Minneapolis

Exercise machines allow you to run, row, bike and climb. Now you can also fly.
University of St. Thomas engineering Prof. AnnMarie Thomas worked out on her Cyr wheel in front of her St. Paul home.

St. Paul prof on Squishy Circuits: 'So much of the work I do is about play'

Prof. AnnMarie Thomas teaches, leads a lab and lives her life through spectacle and playful learning.
The Spartan Strong workout, a collaboration between the Spartan obstacle course race series and Minnesota-based Life Time gyms, uses the Spartan Panca

How can a pancake help you get in shape?

A group fitness class called Spartan Strong uses a "pancake" and more to give you a full-body workout.
Stephanie Brodegard crossed Lyndale Ave. S. as she biked home from her son’s school with all three of their kids seated on the back rack of her carg

Who needs a minivan? 'Adventurous' Twin Cities parents cart kids on bikes

Some Twin Cities parents are driving the switch from cars to cargo bikes to haul kids and groceries.
The Hex houses for refugees can be linked together or stand alone.

Flat-pack Hex House by Minnesota architects is designed to help refugees

An architecture group hopes its design will help refugees, victims of natural disasters.
High School Band Day in the 1950s at Memorial Stadium. Provided

U resurrects High School Band Day with 120 trombones, 180 cornets, 800 kids

About 800 members of high school bands from around the state will take part in a revived University of Minnesota tradition.
Screen grab from BTN Minnesota's video showcasing the U marching band's "Row the Boat" performance.

Watch the University of Minn. marching band 'Row the Boat' for P.J. Fleck

During the halftime show Thursday, the 324-member band performed a synchronized tribute to the new Gophers coach P.J. Fleck.
Kareem and Elizabeth Abdelrahman at last year's Minnesota State Fair. They're among the many newlyweds who go to the fair to celebrate.

Love at State Fair: First kisses, crop art proposals and even weddings

Romance, like the scent of mini-doughnuts, is always in the air at the Minnesota State Fair.
The original Red's Savoy Pizza location will close in September.

Original Red's Savoy Pizza location in St. Paul to close

The original Red's Savoy Pizza location, an institution on the east side of St. Paul's downtown, will be closing next month.
Olive Hachlowski was an Irishwoman who fell in love with a Minneapolis GI during World War II.

Olive Hachlowski, 97, was part of a wave of war brides that immigrated to the U.S. after WWII

The young Irish woman who was doing her bit to help Great Britain found herself the bride of a GI from Minneapolis.
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