The Tweed Ride is a true example of old-fashioned fun.

Despite threatening gray skies, dozens of Twin Citians bundled up in their best tweed outfits and saddled up their favorite bicycles for a leisurely evening tour of the Twin Cities, including a ride on the trolley at Lake Harriet, free pie at Parkway Pizza and a final fete at Club Jäger.

Similar rides in San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and London inspired Carly Schoen of Minneapolis to start the event last year. This fall's gathering was the group's third.

"There are some fancy dress rides in the middle of the summer, but you can't wear tweed because you'd overheat for sure," she said.

Many riders were dressed head-to-toe in the rough woolen fabric. "It's such a traditional material. It fits my personal style, which is slightly classic but rugged. I'm not a huge girly-girl," said Schoen. "Plus it makes you stay warm." That, and the whiskey-filled flask.

If you happened to catch a glimpse of them riding along Minnehaha Pkwy., you might have thought you were in a time warp. Except for the flashing red lights on all of the bicycles.

Even in a flashback, safety comes first.

Sara Glassman • 612-673-7177