A repeat garage burglar was charged Thursday after admitting to authorities that he broke into numerous St. Paul garages to fuel his drug habit.

Shawn Michael Albrecht, 39, of St. Paul, was charged with second-degree burglary in Ramsey County District Court.

A little after 3:30 a.m. Wednesday, residents said they heard loud noises coming from a neighbor's garage in the 1800 block of Portland Avenue, according to the criminal complaint. They saw two men with flashlights exit the garage and walk down the alley. The garage's owner told police that a new mountain bike and a 270-piece Craftsman tool set were missing. Police were able to locate Albrecht in the area on a mountain bike. When officers ordered him to the ground, he dropped the bike and fled, but he was eventually arrested.

According to the criminal complaint, Albrecht told police that he had robbed a few garages in the Western District doing one or two burglaries a week since he last got out of jail. He sells the stolen items. Albrecht told authorities that he needed help for his drug addiction.

Albrecht awaits sentencing on a felony garage burglary. He is a suspect in numerous other burglaries in the area.

From July 19 through July 25, there were 21 garage burglaries in the Western District, which amounted to 64 percent of all burglaries.

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