Other prominent professional athletes who spent all or a significant portion of their careers in Minnesota and died in their primes:

Bill Masterton, North Stars

• Played 38 games in 1967-68, the North Stars' inaugural season.

Died at age 29 of a head injury suffered during a Jan. 13, 1968, game at the Met Center.

Danny Thompson, Twins/Texas

• Played 630 games for Twins from 1970 to '76.

Died at age 29 from leukemia on Dec. 10, 1976, less than 10 weeks after playing his last major league game (for Texas).

Lyman Bostock, Twins/California

• Played 379 games for Twins from 1975 to '77.

Killed at age 27 by a gunshot in hometown of Gary, Ind., on Sept. 23, 1978. He played for the Angels at the time.

Malik Sealy,  Indiana/L.A. Clippers/Detroit/Timberwolves

• Played 113 games for Timberwolves from 1998 to 2000.

Died at age 30 after SUV was struck by a drunken driver in St. Louis Park on May 20, 2000.

Korey Stringer, Vikings

• Played 93 games from 1995 to 2000.

Died at age 27 from complications brought on by heat stroke during training camp at Mankato in August 2001.

Sergei Zholtok, Boston/Ottawa/Montreal/Edmonton/Wild/Nashville

• Played 210 games for Wild from 2001 to '04.

Died at age 31 after collapsing on Nov. 3, 2004, while playing in Belarus during the NHL lockout.

Eddie Griffin, Houston/Wolves

• Played 153 games for Timberwolves from 2004 to '07.

Died at age 25 when the car he was driving hit a moving train in Houston on Aug. 17, 2007.