This is a list of recent business-related bankruptcies filed in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Minneapolis and St. Paul. The number after the filing date is the case number. A Chapter 7 petition is for liquidation of the business; Chapter 11 (or Chapter 12 for farmers or Chapter 13 for small businesses) gives protection from creditors while the business is reorganized.


Rodney A. Lee, as surety for Ramsey Jr. Partners, Premier Plaza of Davenport, as surety for Robinson Commercial Partners, Premier Gateway, Premier Armstrong, HES-LEE LLC, Forever Partners, Premier Commercial Partners, Premier Elk River, Rosewood Commons, Premier Commercial Properties Inc., Premier Central 65 Partners II, Premier Ulysses and R.L. Consulting Inc., 11505 Palisade Court NE., Blaine; filed May 10, 13-42435; Chap. 7; assets, $381,307; liabilities, $11,501,713.

ST. Paul

Gerald D. Danielson, as surety for Jerry’s Auto Sales, Mora, Minn.; filed May 15, 13-32442; Chap. 7; assets, $468,220; liabilities, $2,052,786.