A good public servant who deserves respect

Regarding U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann’s comments in Egypt, the only “witless ramblings” I read came from the Star Tribune editorial (“Bachmann on tour with reckless act,” Sept. 11). Why the continuing efforts to destroy an exceptional public servant with political viewpoints different from yours?


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I’m no fan of Bachmann, but what is this obsession cartoonist Steve Sack has with her? She’s a constant target of his barbs.

TOM R. KOVACH, Nevis, Minn.

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Bachmann’s visit to Egypt has as much international significance as Dennis Rodman’s visits to North Korea.


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Sick of reading about the dispute

There is no doubt the Minnesota Orchestra is an asset to the community and is helpful to musicians throughout the state (“All with influence must now act in orchestra dispute,” Sept. 10). That being said, I’m curious as to the total net worth of the patrons who regularly attend their performances and what kind of dent would be put in their net worth if they would cough up the necessary money to get the orchestra back playing again and spare the public from having to continually read and hear about this dispute.

CHAD MEAD, Buffalo, Minn.

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No clear agreement on what’s best

The only reason we’re considering involvement in Syria is for President Obama to save face. He laid down a line on chemical weapons that Syria crossed. Syria is gripped in a civil war. We have no dog in that hunt except for the president’s ego. Obama should acknowledge his failure and move on.

MICHAEL HARRIS, St. Cloud, Minn.

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Sexism continues, despite efforts to curb it

The Harvard Business School’s 2011-2013 study reported focused on the still-present problem of institutionalized sexism (“At Harvard, an experiment in gender studies,” Sept. 8). The school’s gender experiment demonstrates what can happen when organizations acknowledge that the sexism exists, that efforts to combat the sexism must continue and that change is possible. However, in a story about a courageous and seemingly successful attempt to finally equalize educational experiences of women and men, the reporter referred to a commencement speaker as a girl.


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Essay seemed more like fiction than fact

Michael McIlhon states that “practically every labor economist” would like to correct public thought that raising minimum is good for families (“Raise wages? Actually not so helpful,” Sept. 8). McIlhon is promoting his agenda without checking his facts. According to a survey of the IGM expert economists panel, an overwhelming majority claim raising minimum wage is a desirable policy (62 percent agree, 16 percent disagree, 23 percent uncertain). I understand McIlhon’s commentary was on the opinion page, but shouldn’t opinions here be based on factual data?

DAVID BERGER, Minneapolis

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Be nice and give player a good home

As a lifelong resident of Minnesota (I’m 46) and an avid Minnesota sports fan, whether it be the Vikings, Wild, Twins, Timberwolves, Lynx, or University of Minnesota hockey. I think we should trade Adrian Peterson to a Super Bowl contender. The Pohlads gave Justin Morneau the chance to be on a World Series-­contending team, and we should do the same with Peterson. He’s the best running back in the NFL, and we owe it to him.

MIKE SKALSKY, Rush City, Minn.

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While young, put away money for the future

Food insecurity for millions of people in this great land is indeed, a sad affair (“ ‘Food insecurity’ up in households last year,” Sept. 6). When these people were earning their money in their younger years, do you think they put some of their earnings toward their retirement? Do you think they considered how much it would take? Of course, there are instances when someone did all they could and it just didn’t work. That should be the exception, not the norm. Hey, parents, are you letting your kids in on this? If not, it’s time to start them thinking about building their own future.

JOHN HUTAR, Plymouth

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Please fix timer on Park and Portland Avenues

Hooray for timed lights, smoother traffic flow and lower exhaust emissions in downtown Minneapolis. Now, please retime the traffic lights on Park and Portland Avenues. For the 13 years I have lived in south Minneapolis, the lights have been timed on those streets to allow smooth driving into and out of downtown. Now, they’re out of sync. To sit at red lights wasting gasoline, time and money is so frustrating.

JEAN PAGE, Minneapolis