A tiny bit of the frustration over Minnesota’s four game losing streak, both from fans and within the team itself, has dissolved with the Nebraska win on Tuesday.

Nebraska being Nebraska, though – there is still the hesitancy to draw too many conclusions from the rout.

But that game aside, stat guru Dan Hanner crunched some numbers from the Gophers’ slide and determined that – hey, they’re fine, and will still be quite relevant at the end of the season.

Basically, Hanner concludes that while the streak may have ruffled some feathers, the Gophers play wasn’t actually poor enough to warrant any panic. During that stretch, the team played roughly equivalent to the 32nd best team in the nation, he said – nothing to get too heated about.

Of course, the NCAA committee will still take that streak into consideration, he notes, and the Gophers would still need to overachieve going forward to get their “postseason glory.”

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