Coaching searches don't happen overnight. I've said that plenty of times in this space. But to help drive that point home, let's take a gander at some recent ones in the Big Ten:

(Tip of the cap to for sparking this idea. We took a look at some of the coaches one Gopherholer brought up and have posted the five most recent conference coaching search lengths below. All dates referenced are the dates on which the hiring/firing became official):

Northwestern: Bill Carmody out March 16; Chris Collins in March 27.
Days in between: 10

Nebraska: Doc Sadler out March 9; Tim Miles in March 24.
Days in between: 14

Illinois: Bruce Weber out March 9; John Groce in March 29.
Days in between: 19

Penn State: Ed DeChellis out May 23; Pat Chambers in June 3.
Days in between: 10

Iowa: Todd Lickliter out March 15; Fran McCaffery in March 28.
Days in between: 12

The "days between" were calculated as just that -- not including the fire date or the hire date. If the Gophers named a coach today, there would have been SIX days between when Tubby Smith was fired and a new coach was hired (Tuesday-Sunday). So just another reminder that it is not yet time to panic.




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