Commenter Flextopia touches base with what believe is the first-ever tip he has passed along. Well done!

In this case, it's something that will haunt your dreams: That's a picture of Baltimore QB Joe Flacco, who has himself a "Jersey Shore" haircut for Halloween. Per the Baltimore Sun's RAVENS INSIDER:

Flacco’s hair is spiky on top in a faux hawk style. He has racing stripes sculpted on the side with arrows pointing to the back, where he has the state of New Jersey shaved. “I don’t think the coaches know how to react to it,” said Flacco, a New Jersey native who typically vacations on the shore. “I’m just having a little bit of fun.”

Flextopia wonders: Do you have more or less respect for Joe Flacco after reading this?

Seems like a fair question.

Click this link if you want to see it from the front. (Yes, we know people have been arrested on Dateline after responding on-line to sentences like that, but you're going to have to trust us).

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