Hopkins is the 13th friendliest town in America, according to Forbes magazine and Nextdoor.com.

The city, which has about 17,800 residents, was cited for its low crime rate, high rate of charitable giving and for the annual Raspberry Festival. The festival, one of the biggest community celebrations in the Twin Cities, dates back to the 1930s.

Forbes and Nextdoor.com examined more than 1,000 cities with populations less than 150,000 and evaluated them on measures of neighborhood engagement. They looked at crime rates, education levels, home ownership and charitable donations.

The field was further narrowed by looking at availability of parks, community events such as parades, volunteer groups and other "neighborly activities."

Hopkins made the top-25 list despite having an unusually low rate of homeownership for Minnesota, at just 39 percent.

The top two friendliest towns were Sammamish, Wa., and Orinda, Ca.