Vikings coach Leslie Frazier took the podium on Wednesday and said this very early on: “Not much has changed with our quarterback situation.”

In the narrow view, short-term, he is correct. Since Monday, nothing has changed. Josh Freeman was here today, but he is not playing Sunday. The Vikings still have not named a starter for that game against Carolina, probably because they do not have to and it serves them no purpose competitively or in terms of feeding the media beast.

But Frazier did talk about how nice it was that the Vikings didn’t turn the ball over in their most recent victory, over Pittsburgh before the bye. He talked about getting Freeman up to speed and getting him on the field – the challenges of learning the offense, but also what Freeman can bring to the team.

In the locker room, Matt Cassel came out and talked. He said all the right things, which is impressive considering the odd spot he is in. Christian Ponder did not talk today.

We’re left with the same educated guess we had Monday, which is this: Cassel will start Sunday’s game against Carolina. If he plays well, he will probably keep the job another week at least.

In the meantime, the Vikings will be working overtime to get Freeman ready. They could play him as soon as against the Giants two Sundays from now, but it would feel odd to yank Cassel if he wins and plays well this Sunday. If Cassel loses to the Panthers and plays poorly? Then it might make sense.

Basically, as long as Cassel keeps playing well, he keeps the job and keeps buying the Vikings time to get Freeman up to speed. And as soon as Cassel falters, they flip the switch.

Ponder? We really think, barring something weird or some sort of major injury problem, he has taken his last snap for the Vikings. We could be wrong. Our esteemed colleague Sid Hartman – shot a video with Sid today, you guys, that should be up later – believes Ponder will still get another chance.

We just don’t see it, even if the Vikings aren’t saying it right now.

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