Adrian Peterson was apparently mulling a jersey number change to 23. But a series of 17 tweets today -- just picturing Adrian and his giant strong hands mashing away angrily on a Blackberry makes us chuckle -- indicates it would have cost him $1 million to do so (and that Peterson isn't happy about it). Why? Per one of those tweets:

So I received a call and I was informed that I would've to buy all jerseys that's been produced thus far! N the total amount that I would have to pay blew my mind!!!!

Peterson was on fire for several tweets, wondering about the wisdom of that policy and complaining about the cost. The upshot of it, according to one of the last tweets, is that he'll still be No. 28: Pay a mill to change number or keep the mill n continue to wear 28?! That's a easy one.

Now, all of this is from AP's perspective. We can see where the other side is coming from; if a certain number of Peterson 28 jerseys have been printed, they suddenly become worth far less if he makes a switch. But it is somewhat of a fascinating sports business story that we never would have considered otherwise.

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