It was the game all the haterzzzzz and crazies were waiting for on Sunday. The Jets were blasted by the 49ers, a pathetic 34-0 loss on their home field.


Their erratic, mistake-prone quarterback was dismal.

And naturally, it's time to turn to the other erratic, mistake-prone quarterback on the roster.

QB1 is, of course, Mark Sanchez. And the savior lobbing off-kilter passes in the bullpen is, of course, Tim Tebow.

The New York Times has a good rundown of how the major papers and sites are handling the whole thing, but the general consensus is: full meltdown mode.

SportsCenter might not be watchable for at least the next week.

And it will all be a big bicker session over whether the 30th-best or 31st-best QB in the league last year should lead a .500 team.

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