Former Vikings QB Teddy Bridgewater looked sharp for the Jets in their preseason opener Friday, which was gratifying for anyone watching.

His starting QB-caliber effort naturally ramped up further discussions of his ultimate place on the Jets' roster. New York drafted Sam Darnold No. 3 overall and also has Josh McCown as a potential veteran starter. The natural move would be to trade Teddy and play McCown until Darnold is ready.

The problem? There's not much leverage right now. As crass as it sounds, the Jets and Bridgewater need another team to enter crisis mode — much like the Vikings found themselves in two years ago after Bridgewater went down — but there haven't been any significant QB injuries early in the preseason.

But if a team with a genuine need for a starter emerges, the Jets could flip Bridgewater for a decent haul and Teddy could get a real chance for a fresh start.

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