RandBall: Jeter as AL MVP over Mauer?

Derek Jeter is, indeed, a viable candidate for American League MVP. What we cannot fathom, however, is the premise of a story posted in the Wall Street Journal: Even though everyone knows Joe Mauer is having a better statistical season in every way possible, and even though some other players are also putting up big numbers and might be more deserving, why not give this year's AL MVP award to Jeter as some sort of lifetime achievement award? From the story (our thoughts in italics):

"No one would argue that Mr. Jeter's statistics are better than those of Minnesota catcher Joe Mauer, the current favorite in the MVP sweepstakes. ... For that matter, there are several players, particularly Detroit's Miguel Cabrera, who are outhitting Mr. Jeter in batting average and have better power numbers." Indeed. Most of us call those gentlemen leading MVP candidates. "The case for Mr. Jeter as American League MVP is being made by more subjective arguments. 'How do you measure the value of inspiration and professionalism?' asks Marty Appel, author of 'Munson: The Life and Death of a Yankee Captain.'"

Oh, sweet mercy. Really? How do you measure the value of inspiration and professionalism? Can you put a price tag on a cloud? On Jeter's calm eyes? On the knocking knees of swooning NYC coeds? Are those some more swing votes for Jeter as MVP?

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