Author Chuck Klosterman has a new piece in GQ titled, "Will Violence Save Football?" It's a book excerpt, and it's quite good. Any analysis that prompts you to consider a different way of looking at the topic is valuable.

Klosterman lays out an argument with these basic bullet points:

•Football is an unbelievably popular sport, but even people who love football are having a hard time reconciling the violence and related impact on human brains.

•Many people believe that as a result: 1) It will die off, with the brutality eclipsing the beauty and popularity. 2) It will adapt and continue to thrive as a less-violent version of itself.

Both viewpoints make sense. But Klosterman argues there is a third possibility, which exists outside the realm of pure and reasonable solutions — a more primal yet also political split that might happen: football will survive because it is violent, not in spite of it.

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