In quite a few markets that have both NBA and NHL franchises, the teams play home games in the same arena. This, of course, makes for some schedule juggling on both accounts, since both cannot occupy the building on the same night (if they did, it would be super-weird, with guys skating around shooting baskets or tall dudes heaving a modified puck-ball at a net). But it also ensures there will not be home games for both on the same night, giving the savvy overall sports fan -- one who likes both the NBA and NHL, which admittedly might be fewer people than we think -- an obvious attendance option.


The Wild and Timberwolves, however, play in different buildings in the respective downtowns of St. Paul and Minneapolis. Of the Wild's 48 games in this condensed season, 17 of them fall on the same night as Wolves games. And in several cases -- tonight being the latest example, with the Wolves hosting the Clippers and the Wild facing the Blackhawks -- both are at home on the same night.

Now, this is hardly a crisis. But it does force a choice -- particularly when both opponents are so appealing (the Clippers are tearing up the West and Chicago is undefeated so far this season in six games).

So here is the question, dear reader: If you and a friend had the night free and we handed you $150 (this is in theory; we are not really going to do this) and gave you these options, which would you choose:

1) Go to the Wild game.

2) Go to the Wolves game.

3) Go to a bar, spend some (or, um, all) of the money on food and drinks, and watch the game or games of your choosing at the bar.

4) Pick up a frozen pizza and some beers, pocket the rest of the money, and watch the game or games of your choosing at your house.

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