With the official addition of Marlyand and Rutgers, here is your ultimate Big Ten road trip in 2014 (per Google maps):

Minneapolis to Madison: 270 miles

Madison to Evanston: 145 miles

Evanston to East Lansing: 240 miles

East Lansing to Ann Arbor: 65 miles

Ann Arbor to Columbus: 189 miles

Columbus to State College: 322 miles

State College to Piscataway (Rutgers stadium location): 226 miles

Piscataway to College Park (Maryland): 194 miles

College Park to Bloomington: 626 miles

Bloomington to West Lafayette: 114 miles

West Lafayette to Champaign: 94 miles

Champaign to Iowa City: 243 miles

Iowa City to Lincoln: 305 miles

Lincoln to Minneapolis: 435 miles

TOTAL: 3,468 miles

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