The Twins are 13 games into their 2013 season, a wonderful span known in the parlance of the times as a "small sample size." Can we be legitimately surprised by numbers in such a small window? Sure we can! Let's try. Here are five stats through the early part of the year that caught our eye:


1) Entering play Wednesday, the Twins have 50 walks as a team. That's sixth in MLB. Last year the Twins were 10th in MLB, averaging 3.1 walks per game. This year, so far, they average 3.8.

2) Pedro Florimon has six of those walks, contributing to a gaudy early .484 OBP. He had just 10 walks in 150 plate appearances last year, so this will level off. But good patience -- and good hitting -- so far by Pedro.

3) Jamey Carroll only has nine plate appearances in 13 games. This is probably a good thing since it means the Twins' patchwork infield has been functional enough not to lean on the veteran. He had 537 plate appearances a year ago, when the Twins' other infield options were often gruesome.

4) Joe Mauer has played all 13 games -- and most notably, nine of those starts have come at catcher. That's an early pace to catch about 112 games this season, which would be almost as many as he caught in 2011 (47) and 2012 (72) combined. Early off days and the rainout surely helped, but it is a sign that Mauer is healthier -- a good thing since Justin Morneau is also healthy and occupying first base.

5) And as mentioned before Kevin Correia has gone at least seven innings and allowed three or fewer runs in all of his starts. Aside from Aaron Hicks' extremely slow start, this might be the biggest surprise of all.

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