You might have seen a fan at the Rays-Twins game interfere with a pop-up in foul territory by first base in Sunday's game. Carlos Pena reached into the stands ... and had to contend with a rather large man who knocked the ball away harmlessly. The Twins couldn't do anything with the gift, but there was some fun to come out of it: The fan in question was former NBA player Matt Geiger. Per USA Today:

Geiger reached for the ball, missed, and ended up grabbing Pena's glove as the ball bounced harmlessly away. After several moments Geiger was escorted by security to a different section in Tropicana Field. While it appeared Geiger was ejected, a tweet from a Rays beat reporter said he was "not ejected, just relocated." It seemed several fans recognized Geiger on his way out of the section, giving him high fives despite impeding the home team.

Here is a video of the incident (thanks to Stensation for the heads up):



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