We have no idea what the Red Sox are thinking when it comes to offseason plans, but we do know this: they have a pile of cash to spend. And we also know this: at least one prominent member of the Boston sports media is pounding loudly on the "trade for Joe Mauer" drum. Per ESPN Boston's Gordon Edes, who says Mauer is "that player" the Sox need:


When the Red Sox go to Nashville on Sunday for baseball's winter meetings, they should vow to return home with Joe Mauer as their new first baseman. Mike Napoli's visit to Boston last weekend suggests the Sox are considering lesser alternatives, but whatever reservations they have about making a long-term, expensive financial commitment to a player in the aftermath of the Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez signings, here's my suggestion: Get over it.

As Edes also notes:

Parting with Mauer, a hometown hero St. Paul-born-and-raised, would not be a popular move in the Twin Cities, but the Twins owe Mauer $138 million over the next six seasons, an average of $23 million per annum. With Justin Morneau's contract set to expire after next season, they could opt to hold onto Mauer to succeed him as their full-time first baseman, but for a team that doesn't appear likely to be in contention any time soon, having nearly a quarter of the payroll tied up by one player doesn't make the most business sense.

Agree with the last part of the analysis. The first part? That's where we really don't have an accurate temperature gauge right now. What percentage of Twins fans would be upset if they traded Mauer this offseason? That is your question for the night, now that you have clearly mastered the art of making chili cheese nachos.

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