You've been able to count on a few things with the Twins in recent years, including this:

Bad seasons have become particularly putrid after Aug. 1. From 2011-2014, the Twins were 78-148 from that date until the end of the year, turning seasons that looked headed for mid-80s losses spiraling into awfulness. In 2016, they were 19-39 after that date.

It stood to reason that this year would follow a similar script given the Twins' history and also given their circumstances, with several key players dealt away by the July 31 nonwaiver trade deadline after a disappointing first four months.

At the risk of looking too hard for a silver lining in a bad season, though, this should be acknowledged: The Twins should get a little credit for — so far — showing some pride during the dog days.

Since Aug. 1, they have a winning record and could turn this year into a setback instead of a total system failure if they keep it up.

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