Enough bad things have been written about the Twins this season that, in the interest of fairness, the good (whenever it comes) also should be acknowledged.

So let it be said that Saturday's Twins game, in which they scratched out extra runs on a fielder's choice and a sacrifice fly in a 6-3 victory over Cleveland, might have been the best example of "small ball" we have seen from them this season.

And they followed that with a textbook 5-1 win on Sunday — using outstanding starting pitching from Tyler Duffey and timely hitting from Eddie Rosario, Juan Centeno and Jorge Polanco to secure the victory.

This has to be somewhat close to the formula the Twins envisioned early in the season, long before things descended into an 8-26 start. The overall record doesn't look much better at 10-26, but the brand of baseball, at least for a couple of games, sure does.

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