Even coach Bo Ryan can't stand the sight of his team (OK, not really).

Even coach Bo Ryan can't stand the sight of his team (OK, not really).

Seth Davis stirs the pot over at SI.com, providing anonymous scouting reports from coaches on various top college basketball teams. His method was to talk to two coaches from each of the top six conferences to get their honest take on each of the contending teams in the league. As Davis admits, "If it seems these scouting reports are overly negative or critical, that is my fault, not theirs. We all know these teams are good. I wanted to know where they weren't so good. So I peppered my coaches with questions like, "What is their team's Achilles' heel?", "What is their player's biggest weakness?", "What type of team would give them trouble in the NCAA tournament?"


Five teams from the Big Ten were critiqued: Wisconsin, Michigan State, Indiana, Ohio State and Michigan. Most of the stuff seems pretty standard and fair. But the stuff about the Badgers -- keep in mind this is coming from two Big Ten coaches, either head or assistant coaches -- jumped out at us, particularly for how harsh it is regarding Jordan Taylor, the former Benilde-St. Margaret's standout and Wisconsin's best player:

"I don't really respect the way they play. Jordan Taylor likes to run and grab you, and then throw his head back and try to get a call. If you set a pick, they take a dive. They cheat the game. Everybody raves about this defensive juggernaut, but that's bull. They dribble the clock out and mug you out of the building. Part of the reason they lost to Cornell and Davidson is because when you get into the tournament, refs outside the Big Ten don't fall for that. Taylor is kind of struggling, but they're always going to be in the game because they're not going to shoot until there are six seconds left on the shot clock. Then they give it to Taylor. That's their offense. They don't even run the swing as much as they used to. Taylor plays no defense because he's trying to save his energy."

Agree, disagree? Your thoughts, please, in the comments. (H/T to Gopher Hole for the find).

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