Gophers senior wide receiver Logan Hutton is not the type of player who regular seeks out attention. He played mostly on special teams last season, thanking coach Jerry Kill for the opportunity in the process. Hutton caught just three passes as a junior.

But we live in an era in which attention will find you even if you’re not looking for it. He and some teammates were messing around after a recent workout. Fellow receiver Eric Carter had seen him do a back flip while catching one football, a feat he captured on video and posted on social media. Suddenly, the question became this: could Hutton do a back flip and catch two footballs, one in each hand, at the same time.

Doesn’t seem possible, right?

Hutton accepted the challenge, and after about a dozen attempts, he nailed it. A camera was rolling on it, and the Gophers ended up putting it out on social media. From there, it went viral, landing everywhere big and small. featured it on its home page Monday under the heading “Instant Awesome.”

You can watch Hutton’s feat at

“It’s crazy,” Hutton said Monday. “All my friends from high school in Texas have gotten ahold of me. If it’s on ESPN, someone is going to find it.”

What’s particularly crazy is that Hutton doesn’t consider the back flip or the catches to be the hardest part. Then again, he participated in national power tumbling championships as a kid and is a college wide receiver, so it does make some sense.

Hutton said the toughest part was coordinating the passes to be timed at the right moment. For some attempts, two different teammates were used, but the timing was always off. Fellow wide receiver Michael Conway came to the rescue, throwing both balls that resulted in the winning combination.

The whole process of looking for two balls and catching them? “It’s kind of scary, to tell you the truth,” Hutton said. “I have a lot of takes where I messed up.”

Hutton credited strength coach Eric Klein with helping him be explosive enough to pull off the feat, and he said he thinks teammates Eric Murray, Cedric Thompson and Devon Wright could also do it.

But Hutton was the one who delivered in front of the camera, in what went from being a little bit of fun to a national sensation.

“We were really just playing around after practice,” Hutton said. “We weren’t expecting that.”

Michael Rand